Multi-Survey & Multi-Survey Online

The Concept

Multi-Survey is designed to enable you to create your own survey, assessment and monitoring forms, for both paper based and/or online questionnaires by using a common platform for designing and processing any of the tasks outlined earlier.  

The software provides a powerful and reliable aid that allows different technologies, to be used individually or simultaneously together thus overcoming the problem poor response rates found with online only solutions and instances where there is no internet connectivity.  Full reporting options and graphical analysis are available at the touch of a button along with facilities to export data to other systems, such as MS Excel. 





Multi-Survey ICR/OCR

Another Multi-Survey paper-based system is ICR/ OCR which is a fully featured and integrated ICR/OCR Image system that is based on the core Multi-Survey technology. The Image/ICR version continues the theme of the user only ever needing to design a form once, regardless of the data capture technology used. Some features include:

  • Recognition of hand print, machine print and mark sense options.

  • Completely transparent zone definition coding.

  • Ability to read JPEG and TIFF file formats.

  • Fully compatible with our other technology types.

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