Innovative Solutions for High Speed Data Capture in Exams & Assessments

Multi-Test Examination System 

Examination, testing and assessment systems for online or on paper (OMR/Image) with options to undertake pratical  assessments (OSCE/OSPE's) in simulated real life scenarios.


Create your own forms to undertake surveys, monitoring and assessments using combined  Image and OMR scanners or online/offline  technologies. 

Question Bank

Advanced powerful Question/Item Bank system that can be used as stand alone solution or in conjunction with our Multi-Test Examinations software to improve question performance/setting.

Our Software revolutionises the way you can run Exams, Assessments, OSCE's, Tests & Surveys.

An integrated system that allows you to:

  • Combine online and paper technologies together in one package to meet any location requirements

  • Analyse and report on your processed data at the click of a button on demand.

  • Create, link, store and report on question statistics in our Question/Item Bank module.

  • 'Design once use on any platform' form formats that can be tailored to YOUR needs.

  • Guaranteed accuracy using tablet based e-marking and paper solutions with full audit trail and form image retreival.


What our software consists of:


What Makes Us Unique!

  •  One integrated solution for all exam, assessment and survey types.
  • Systematic approach methodologies to exam design, development and delivery.
  • Future proofing your investment with advanced technologies.
  • Results driven organisation with over 25 years of experience in exams and surveys!
  • Industry leaders and your partners in advanced exam and survey technologies.
  • Dedicated support manager and team ready to advise and assist you.